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Metal-free functionalization of SQs: a case of chemoselectivity and what ball-milling has got to do,
New Ceramics Precursors Containing Si and Ge Atoms—Cubic Germasilsesquioxanes—Synthesis, Thermal Dec
Grinding the Cubes─Multigram Solid-State Synthesis of Silsesquioxane Amic Acids
New Functionalized Borasilsesquioxanes Obtained via Metathetical Transformation of 4-Vinylphenylbora
Dialkenylgermanes as precursors of silsesquioxane‐based macromolecular structures
Introduction of organogermyl functionalities to cage silsesquioxanes
Reactivity of 1-allylsilatrane in ruthenium-catalyzed silylative coupling with olefins – mechanistic
Highly selective synthesis of novel (E)-styrylsilatranes via ruthenium-catalyzed trans-silylation
Vinyl functionalized silsesquioxanes and germasilsesquioxanes
A highly selective synthesis of new alkenylsilsesquioxanes by hydrosilylation of alkynes
Highly selective synthesis of substituted (E)-alkenylsilatranes  via catalytic trans-silylation and
Olefin Metathesis of Vinylgermanium Derivatives as Method for the Synthesis of Functionalized Cubic
New Arylene−Germylene−Vinylene Compounds: Stereoselective Synthesis, Characterization, and Photophys
New Vinylgermanium Derivatives of Silsesquioxanes and Their Ruthenium Complexes—Synthesis, Structure
Ru(0) catalyzed coupling of vinylboronates with silanols, disilanols and disiloxanediols– selective
The first ruthenium-silsesquioxyl complexes – synthesis, structure and mechanistic implications in s
A new catalytic approach to germasiloxanes
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